June 7, 2011

I had the ambitious goal of writing every day.  As you can see, that hasn’t happened.  Such is life.  Today the Wall Street Journal reported Pfizer Inc. will conduct the first FDA-approved clinical drug trial in which participants are recruited over the Internet and monitored with the aid of a smartphone mobile application.  A fine example of Mobilology!  Mobile phones are implemented in place of bricks-and-mortar testing sites to provide healthcare delivery at lower costs than traditional clinical trials.  The success (or failure) of this trial — and potential new model — is predicated on the anticipated behavior of the research subjects in relation to their mobile devices.  This is brilliant!  I hope it works.

Another article in today’s WSJ talks about using a virtual nurse named “Louise” — a virtual discharge advocate — as a way to assist patients once they leave the hospital and as a means to prevent them from readmission.  Rising costs of healthcare are forcing everyone in the healthcare delivery chain to re-examine how they’re doing things.  Costs must come down.  The mobile phone will play a crucial role in this…but ultimately, it’s patient behavior and compliance (or non-compliance) that will be the true test of success.  It’s possible that an impersonal device will produce better results in terms of patient compliance.  Time will tell.