About Us

We Help You See Mobile As More Than Technology

The use of mobile phones and wireless technologies has had an irreversible impact on behavior, communities, culture, entertainment, economics, health delivery, education and more.  Mobilology is a proposed new academic social science devoted to university-level study of this extraordinary and fast-moving phenomenon.

We facilitate Mobilology, which examines and critiques mobile and wireless specifically as drivers of profound socio-economic change and innovation.

Mobilology is multidisciplinary by definition, and collaborative by nature.  Its study and research necessitate consideration of at least three sectors of the Mobilology “wheel” at any one time: behavior (psychology); community (sociology); culture (anthropology/ethnology); entertainment; economics; health; and education.  As mobile and wireless use increasingly infiltrate daily life, Mobilology will expand to reflect this.

Whether your expertise is in corporate leadership, branding, or turning imagination into reality, we provide information and insight you need to maintain 21st century mobile relevancy.  We work with individuals and entrepreneurs; universities, schools and departments; think tanks, foundations and companies.