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The focus of Brizel Media has shifted over the years, from providing writing services and media consultation, exclusively, to our current focus on Mobilology and its implementation as a new academic field at universities around the globe.

Florie Brizel’s diversified professional background, and Brizel Media’s portfolio — which includes writing and consulting to several different industries with a broad spectrum of clients — gives our company the ability to help you understand how Mobilology affects you, your industry and your world.

These are some of the clientele for which we have consulted and/or written in the past:

Architects / Celebrities (non-entertainment) / Corporations (Executives & Marketing Departments) / Creative Artists (Musicians & Painters) / Digital Media (Companies & Executives) / Entertainment Companies (Executives, Celebrities & TV Programs) / Fashion Designers (Eyewear, High-end Casual Wear & Swimwear) / Healthcare Organizations & Systems (Corporations; Hospitals & Healthcare Foundations; Cardiology groups; Internist-Gastroenterology groups; Radiology groups) / Law Firms / Mobile Communications (Companies & Executives) / Privately Held Companies / Publicly Held Companies / Real Estate Entities / Universities