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We Empower You

Ms. Brizel finds great satisfaction empowering others.  This is why she continues to mentor a handful of young people she originally met in Berlin in 2009 while serving as the mentor at Palomar5, a residency-based technology innovation incubator funded by Deutsche Telekom.  Today, these men and women range in age from 20-30, and live all over the world, actively pursuing a wide variety of innovative careers, with digital media as their means of connectivity and self-expression. Thanks to Skype, Facebook and Twitter, Ms. Brizel maintains close ties to this international group, offering constructive criticism, insight, encouragement challenging them to ‘go further,’ and professional support and connections whenever possible.

Palomar5 “graduates,” located all over the world, can be found working in fields as diverse as eco-friendly fashion; digital journalism; 3D software design; interactive theatre; interactive software design; re-booting satellite use for high-speed Internet distribution around the world; and on-site, real-time mobile monitoring of philanthropy taking place in developing countries, to illustrate just a few of their interests.

One P5er is in Frankfurt, Germany working as the business development manager at Tata Consultancy Services for TCS Deutschland GmbH.  Another soon will be the lead graphics designer for an international design firm opening a new office in India, her native country, this year.  Still another is in the SF Bay Area working as the founder of Startup Genome (, a project whose goal is to increase the success rate of startups and accelerate the pace of innovation around the world by turning entrepreneurship into a science.  This young man is also a co-founder of blackbox (, which is making startup seed acceleration scalable by building software on top of the Startup Genome.

P5ers have gone back to school, too.  One is earning a Master’s degree in Human Rights from the London School of Economics; another is about to begin a Master’s program at MIT Media Lab; and a third (a 20-year old TED Fellow) will begin an advanced Master’s degree program at Cambridge University this fall.  Ms. Brizel provides consultation on everything from academic choices to career guidance to navigating cross-cultural differences, among many interesting topics.

In addition to her role as a mentor to several people from Palomar5, Ms. Brizel also is a friend of the Sandbox Network (, to which many P5ers belong.  Sandbox started in 2008 and is now the foremost global community of extraordinary young achievers below 30.  It identifies exceptional people worldwide that already have made an impressive impact at a very young age, no matter in what field or industry.  Sandbox incubates these talents in an environment where they can build meaningful relationships with like-minded peers, learn from senior leaders and gain access to opportunities that will help them grow.